Tom Wilson - Musician

A man of fervent, but private faith his whole life, Tom Wilson has had the opportunity to record the music that he began playing in church in the seventies, recently releasing an album of his original songs called In The Name Of The Father to critical acclaim.

Tom Wilson - MusicianBefore I was performing in any other arena, I was playing the guitar and singing at church. Yes, I was a late sixties "Jesus freak," and I can say with total honesty that if you're going to be a freak, which I the right kind. Along with my wife Caroline, who plays keyboards and sings, I sing at church as often as I can. We've sung and spoken at countless spiritual retreats, and conferences and Masses, and are kept busy with the requests to sing at more of them. As an offshoot of my music, I've been invited to speak at Christian churches of every denomination across the country, and have enjoyed the opportunity to talk to people from all over about the more personal aspects of my life, including my faith in God. I've spoken at giant rallies and tiny retreats, and though it's a new and scary area of my life as a public person, I figure, I've been an honest person so far, so why stop when it comes to the big questions in life?

After a lot of hard work, late nights, and quiet prayers, In The Name Of The Father, my CD collection of contemporary Christian music is now available. Produced by Emilio Palame, a talented musician who's worked with a wide spectrum of musicians from Chuck Mangione to Peggy Lee and a who’s who of the music industry, and featuring the musical talents of Stan Sargeant, John Chiodini, John Ferraro, Johnny Friday, and Doug Norwine, the production and playing is breathtaking.

“In The Name Of The Father,” the title song, is a Christian anthem celebrating 2,000 years of faith, and the history and triumph of the sign of the cross. “There Is An Angel,” is a reminder that no matter our circumstances, we're not alone. “I Forgive You,” is a simple song of meditation, giving the listener the opportunity to put the words of Jesus into action, in both forgiving and asking forgiveness. “I Stand At The Door And Knock,” is a lively reminder of exactly who’s at the door, and “Jesus Falling Down” is a song of sacrifice and pain, reminding us that, as often as we see a cross and identify with it, we all too often ignore what it really represents. A lively and thoughtful trip through musical genres and prayerful attitudes, “In The Name Of The Father” is both fruitful music, and powerful testimony.

Available to order on CD or Cassette
In the Name of the Father

Produced by Emilio Palame, with Tom Wilson
All songs written by Tom Wilson
©2000, Dusty Tuba Entertainment, Inc.
Except "Perfect Love" by Emilio Palame and Tom Wilson
©2000, E3 Music & Dusty Tuba Entertainment, Inc. / All songs ASCAP

  1. Give Us This Day   6. I Bow Down
  2. I Forgive You   7. I Stand at the Door and Knock
  3. There Is An Angel   8. On My Knees
  4. Perfect Love   9. Jesus Falling Down
  5. Let It Go 10. In The Name of the Father


  • Actor Tom Wilson Discusses His Music Ministry — from the August 13, 2002 broadcast of Decision Today.

  • Bad-Guy Actor Tom Wilson from Back to the Future — from the August 14, 2002 broadcast of Decision Today.


    "Tom Wilson has produced a refreshing collection of songs. Refreshing in that both the compositions and the recording are not aimed at the 'Christian market', but to my ears, this CD is aimed at the heart of Christ. After my first listen, I said aloud, 'Now that is a Christian, singing truly Christian songs'". -Tom Booth, National Director of Music - Life Teen, OCP Recording Artist

    "No one could doubt from listening to this music that Tom Wilson has not been touched by the hand of God in a mighty way, or that lives will be changed by this man's ministry. The Holy Spirit is clearly present in the notes and words so craftily presented here, directly from the heart of a man who obviously loves the Lord with all of his heart." -Billy Bruce, News Editor, Charisma Magazine

    "The many positive elements of this music, the quality of voice and ingenuity of writing lead one beyond mere technique and into prayer. Clearly Catholic in its profession, this music is useful for both public and private prayer. I recommend it as sound and solid spiritual food for the soul." -Reverend Doctor Ronald Wayne Young, OMI , Professor of Missiology, Oblate School of Theology, San Antonio, Texas

    "For anybody who saw Back to the Future, the idea of "Biff" the bad guy singing with this very pure tenor voice will be a shocker.  Great lyrics, powerful voice." -Warren Duffy, Duffy & Co., KKLA Radio

    "Tom expresses in his new CD, "In the Name of the Father", the very depth of his relationship to God. As an actor, a husband and a father, he balances his life with the spiritual strength and love which gives meaning to life. This reflects itself in his music. In this CD, I am drawn like a child before the Father. I've used these songs in a prayer service with couples and families. His talent and gift of expressing his interior life in music will lead you to a deeper relationship with God, who loves us passionately." -Sr. Mary Lestina, National Director of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, Diocesan Director of the Schoenstatt Family Movement

    "Tom Wilson’s music will stop you in your tracks. I remember being moved to tears the first time I heard the song, "Jesus Falling Down." I wasn’t prepared to be pierced to such a profound depth. How wonderful that those who have enjoyed Tom's gift of humor can now enjoy his gift of songwriting and his beautiful voice. His songs rouse my soul to praise God." -Michael John Poirier, Singer/Songwriter/Storyteller, World Library Publications

    "When I listen to Tom Wilson's "In The Name of the Father" CD, I feel like I have just been on retreat. The depth of his lyrics combined with Tom's soothing voice help me to reflect on my faith life and refocus on the person who is most important in my life... Jesus. Thanks Tom for getting to the heart of faith in this well done spiritual collection." -Phil Baniewicz, Executive Director, Life Teen, Inc.

    "Tom Wilson captures devotion and religious emotion in this wonderful collection.  These sacred songs will move anyone!" -Fr. Michael Sears, Diocesan priest, Author, and Speaker

    "I have appreciated Tom's CD. You can sense the Spiritual depth of a man calling out to his God. A man who desires to pull back the curtain and allow others to look in as he walks on his journey in loving his Lord and Saviour. The CD is both reflective and haunting, especially "I Forgive You". I thought of that song for days after I first heard it." -Jackson Crum, Teaching Pastor, Church of the Saviour, Wayne, PA.

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